As a Professional Counselor I have had the unique opportunity to successfully counsel a diverse population of clients from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. My work has focused on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of presentations, employing an eclectic, evidence-based approach with emphasis on cognitive and behavioral interventions. My client population has predominantly consisted of adolescents, young adults, and families.

I have helped clients achieve marked improvement in coping with presentations including ADHD, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, anxiety and panic disorders, oppositional and defiant behavior, interpersonal challenges, and parenting difficulties. Individuals have achieved significant improvement in compliance with direction, an increased ability to manage disturbances in mood, anxiety management strategies, and adjustment to major life transitions among other successes. Parents have developed greater self-awareness and have learned effective motivational strategies, leading to reduced stress levels and improvement in family cohesion.

I have a sub-specialty in treating anxiety and panic disorders among children and adolescents. Combining cognitive-behavioral interventions with my experience as a school counselor has proven vital to helping children and adolescents navigate the rigors of academia and social functioning, which are endemic to school-aged youth.

My conceptualization of psychopathology recognizes the significance of developmental, environmental, and biological influences in the formation of such challenges. Accordingly, I educate each of my clients on the impact of these factors and then consider these dynamics when designing an efficacious treatment plan.